Giving Back.

It's why we do What We Do.


girls stop Engaging in physical activity and sports during their tween years at an alarming rate.

We want to help change that.

We've partnered with our friends at Alpengirls, a women-led girls leadership camp, to help send 10 young ladies on a leadership adventure of a lifetime through your generous tax-deductible donations.

 These wilderness endeavors have proven to have a lasting impact on how girls view themselves, their physical capabilities, and their leadership qualities long after returning home. 


* Be sure to indicate AlpenGirls as the camp you are donating to in your donation form

How does it work?


As a client, participant, or heck, even a fan of this amazing collaboration, we can help you directly sponsor a camper or entire group through a tax-deductible donation. We do this by partnering through the 501(3)(C) 

ACA Camper Scholarship Fund

Contributors MUST indicate AlpenGirls as the recipient of funds on the donation form.


Girls aged 11-13 apply for an AlpenGirls tuition scholarship and are selected based on applications, letters of recommendation, and financial need.


Explore. Reflect. Influence. 

Campers are asked to submit an experience report and sign an "Adventure Leadership Pledge"  in which they commit to the following principles:

  1.  I will always say "yes" to adventures.
  2.  I will look out for those who need extra help and encouragement.
  3.  I will treat Mother Nature with the utmost respect so that she can continue to take care of me.
  4. I will take the lessons i've learned in the wilderness and apply them to my everyday life.
  5. I will always step up, I will always lean in, I will always reach out.